Marilyn Payne Consulting

Supporting Not-For-Profit Organizations with Business and Leadership Services

Marilyn Payne Consulting delivers a wide range of leadership, planning, development and advisory services to national, provincial and community level not-for-profit organizations.

Regardless of size and scope, not-for-profit organizations are most successful when they function with strong values and principles, well-formulated strategic and business plans and an embedded service orientation for clients and members. Marilyn Payne Consulting provides the expertise and guidance to help not-for-profit organizations improve servicing and operations.

There are over 175,000 not-for-profit organizations in Canada, and each plays a vital role. If there are service gaps to be filled, needs to be met, changes to be made, causes to be supported or activities to be valued, there are likely not-for profit organizations providing those critical services, programs and support to their communities and stakeholders.

Marilyn Payne Consulting is located in London, Ontario and provides services across Canada.